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he/him and/or they/them pronouns please!

ID by :iconlionobsession:

hi! welcome to my little corner of hell. there are many lions.

you can call me marc, green, greenie, witch, doctais, doc, pretty much whatever tbh!

enjoy your stay!

Lioden: #11207 [inactive]
FeralHeart: GreenFox, GreenFocks, Auren

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Skull Pixel by HystericalVixen
  • Watching: futurama

didn't think i'd get tagged in one of these tbh but heyo gives me something to do right??


  • Post These rules.
  • Post 8 facts about your Character.
  • Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4) [rebel life says no]
  • Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

1. Buni had two concepts before they became what they are now. 
Ye Olde Sona by Witch-Doctais46
The calico lion here was made..... if I had to guess I'd say 2014? maybe??? idk really it's been a while
Sona Cub by Witch-Doctais46
v2 here is much closer to the modern Buni but still wasn't what I was looking for (design is now owned by Azerae ily bb)
Both are also representative, in a way, of my own acceptance for who I am; v1 was a calico lioness, v2 is a slightly more masculine lioness, and Buni now is now incredibly androgynous and i love them

2. Not unlike irl lions, Buni sleeps like 80% of the day away. Is never not tired. Send help

3. They tolerate cold much better than heat, always has. Probably has something to do with being born in the snow, but also that's a lot of hair to keep them insulated.

4. That said, Buni can't swim. They're not afraid of the water and will happily sit in the shallows but just kinda sinks in the deeper waters. Everyone in the world has tried to teach them but it just Isn't Happening

5. Buni's the baby of the family. Their elder siblings -- a brother and a sister -- are both miles away from their birthplace so it's been a long while since they've seen them. Their brother especially....

6. Is too soft-hearted for their own good jfc. They hate seeing little things in distress so usually they end up helping out (which is how Buni has like ten cubs altogether fml). Once carried a baby croc in their mouth like the mama crocs do just because, true story

7. Is very close to their mother. They've been through a lot together so Buni half-jokingly, mostly-seriously agreed with their ma that they're never leaving her. I'd say don't mess with ma because Buni will fight but ma takes no shit so either way you'd die so just don't do it

8. Buni Is Kweeng Of The AUs. I love AUs too much not to make 3094827 for Buni. A few are just shipping AUs but two off the top of my head are more thought about (note i didn't say thought out because thinking is work) ; one is just a joke that I've grown to love on accident where Buni is the first ruler of the Pridelands because Why Not ; and the other is the EVIL AU ft scars
Buuuniscars by Witch-Doctais46
(scars by the lovely Ellen-the-Liepard ty boo)

Tagaroonie Time
(y'all don't have to do this if u don't wanna)

:iconellen-the-liepard: Kianga
:iconthe-lion-koo: Shujaa
:iconmoonjade65: Robert


Collab Adopts With Salem -- Open
today we have something mighty special for y'all!! :iconsalem20: and i put our talents together to make some adopts; salem with the lines, me with the designs! their numbers, for reference, doubles as their sclera and iris colour in case they're a bit tough to make out

Bullet; Green You have to
Bullet; Orange You may
Bullet; Red You can't

Bullet; Green ... credit me and salem20 for them and link back here!
Bullet; Green ... actually use them, please :<
Bullet; Green If you buy a character for someone else, please let me know so I can know who I should put the owner as!

Bullet; Orange ... change small details like eye colour, add/remove scars, change gender, etc
Bullet; Orange ... resell if you no longer want the adopt, but for no more than what you bought them for
Bullet; Orange ... link/mention/generally notify us when you post about them for the first time. You don't have to, but we'd love to see what you did with them!

Bullet; Red ... claim as your own designs

each cub is 50:points: !!
1/Little Grey -- JessSheWolf 
2/Blind Lightning Strikes Lucky --
3/Peach Fuzz -- MedabotAndronica 
4/Strawberry Lipstick -- NobleGundam 

lines by salem20 
coloured by myself
Plaguechu + Mimikyena for Vusby
i tried!! i hope they're okay!! Vusby 

the pikachu has a scarred tail and hat + mask + cowl (that hat was hell i apologize ahead of time)

the mimikyu has a red button nose, probably a shredded carpet or towel for the black fur (or maybe it's true body? :3c ) and ANGER

bases by Thiefing and ?? the mimikyu base was on knowyourmeme? i think it was never crossposted on here, but if it was let me know so i can credit properly!!



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